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The future of MetaFi

Trading is the holy grail of crypto. But all of WEB3’s trading belongs to WEB2: centralized exchanges and websites. MetaFi innovates trading to change this forever.

1. Throughout years, exchanges have been the biggest businesses in crypto. They generate profit year-round, no matter the market sentiment.

2. Although the idea of cryptocurrencies was to decentralize everything for the people, exchanges (companies) own the fees generated by the ecosystem, not the people.

3. Exchanges also make trading isolated. People trade alone, on their devices, with social interactions moved to Twitter or Telegram: also Web2 platforms.

4. The current market products fail to make Web3 truly decentralized: it is being traded, and talked about, on Web2. MetaFi changes this forever by making trading truly social on Web3.

Trade crypto in the metaverse demonstrated

MetaFi’s inspiration, Runescape, is the original metaverse — but it’s built on WEB2. Runescape owes its success to a brilliant socially integrated trading economy, without real money integration. MetaFi is a trading metaverse with real money integration, powered by WEB3. Many crypto users come from the Runescape player base, opening up a significant market opportunity for MetaFi:

11M+ Monthly Users

MetaFi is the first social trading metaverse. Just like Runescape, it creates a social environment where users find joy in trading together.

In the MetaFi Metaverse, you can trade any asset – tokens, NFTs, tokenized stocks, commodities, bonds – and talk to other traders.

Our vision is creating a social gamified trading experience built for the new generation of traders.

Many of the Runescape players went on to become first crypto adopters. MetaFi is in position to onboard the massive user base already familiar and used to this trading experience.

Chat with other traders demonstrated

Creating a New Age in
a $1 Trillion Trading Market

Comparative Companies


Binance, the biggest centralized exchange, is valued at $100bn. Robinhood, the biggest retail platform allowing crypto purchases is valued at $32bn.

Yet these platforms are built on WEB2. You access them through a WEB2 based interface, the trading fees are owned by the company, and the trading experience is isolated.

This presents a market opportunity. Users of WEB3 technology still rely on centralized and outdated trading platforms: the trading experience has been unchanged for the last 10-15 years.

Most trading happens on centralized platforms with outdated trading experience. Most chatting happens on WEB2 platforms: Twitter, Telegram, or Discord.

This goes against all of what WEB3 stands for: decentralization, community ownership and governance, developer empowerment, openness, and most importantly, it undermines social interactions.

Metaverse trading is the next standard. The market leader must be social, fun, open to everyone & easy to use to accomplish true adoption. MetaFi brings the trading experience back to the core ideas of WEB3.

Revolutionizing Every
Crypto Trader's Experience

The MetaFi World is divided into futuristic trading zones – focused on both crypto assets and tokenized traditional assets.
Zones Include:
Coin TradingNFTsPerpsLeverageStonksFX

Within these zones, users trade, display their NFTs and communicate with text, images, or voice. Before entering the MetaFi World of Trading, you have to create your digital avatar – MetaFi Citizen. The Citizen is recognised by your crypto wallet.

Most importantly, MetaFi is a social environment where you chat with others and trade together, sharing your knowledge and showing your trades in real time.

This is a virtual world that merges together social platforms of trading (like crypto Twitter or Reddit) and the ability to trade crypto in the virtual world.

In this world, everyone trades together and tries to beat the market using collective thinking, research, and technical analysis.

Team & Advisor Background

The $METAFI Token
Burned with Trading Fees

$METAFI token is the core asset in the Trading Metaverse with many revolutionary economic features.

$METAFI is hyper-deflationary in nature: the deflationary mechanism is linked to the adoption of the main products of MetaFi. Meaning: the more users enter the Metaverse and trade, the more fees will be generated to be used for activities that decrease circulating supply of MetaFi (buy back and burn, liquidity provision, staking).

Join a world and create your character demonstrated

Token Name
Token Supply
1 Billion
Initial Market Cap
(excl. liquidity)
Liquidity, Marketing
Ecosystem Incentives
Team, M&A
Private Sale
Partners & Advisors
Public Sale

MetaFi innovates your trading experience and makes it fun, social, and engaging. You can now discuss trading ideas with others to make your next big trade.

Winning in the market has never been more exciting.

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