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The future of MetaFi

$METAFI is designed to reward early holders with hyper-deflationary token economy.

The demand for $METAFI is driven by user adoption: the more users trade in the MetaFi World, the more fees are generated and used to buy-back & burn tokens.

$MetaFi Token Income

MetaFi built a token economy where more product users automatically decreases token supply. This gives natural incentives for existing token holders to invite new community members. This means that word of Mouth and referrals will work on top of traditional marketing to position MetaFi for exponential adoption.
Buy back and burn
Buy back and give staking yield
Buy back and offer mix burns with staking yield
Allocate finances for community-led products
Make VC investments(grow treasury)

$METAFI Token Yardımcı Programı

Passive Utility
  1. Premium Feature Access: The more $METAFI users hold, the more premium features users are unlocked. These include early access to new releases, new additions of Trading Zones, and NFT drop collaborations

  2. Discounts: 0.1% fees are charged on all trades in the metaverse. This fee is discounted to 0.075% if the user is staking a minimum amount of $METAFI tokens.

  1. Referrals: When staked, $METAFI allows to create a referral link that is sent to a referred person. Referrals generate income.

  2. Staking Yield: Up to 50% of protocol fees feed the staking reward pool. The longer period and the higher amount staked, the bigger the rewards.

  3. Buy-backs: Generated fees can buy back METAFI on the market, which the DAO may vote to burn.

  1. Skills: $METAFI is used to upgrade character skills. Skills are visible to other players on the global leaderboard and in your vicinity.

  2. Customization: Skins, items and maps are purchasable for the native utility token $METAFI. The higher the rarity, the higher the price, showcasing your character’s status to others.

  3. Feature subscriptions: Some of the most exclusive in-metaverse features that are provided by MetaFi’s Institutional Partners will be purchasable for $METAFI.


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